Wow, did you know it is just over a year ago that I decided on the concecpt of my coaching arm and officially became an ASS.

I thought it was kind of funny – but what it stood for was no joke – an Acceleration Strategy Specialist!

You see, when I first got involved in the business I was very fortunate to be introduced to Aaron Parkinson who was head of CC Pro at the time (he was also the last client I spoke to at my law firm before I was made redundant by a complete coincidence!!).

We played golf, and he told me about the industry and gave me some great knowledge and advice. Put simply, he was just inspirational to be around. And that feeling rubs of and you feel invincible.

Anyway, one thing that it showed to me was that by having someone like Aaron around meant that I always felt confident that I could and would succeed. We all need someone like that in our life… it helps us succeed.

Now, of course it didn’t happen straight away, and it took a huge amount of learning (not to mention about $80,000 in courses and mentoring), BUT IT DID HAPPEN! And I am happy to share that knowledge with you for FREE!

Since then I have ticked of my list of achievements one by one and continue to do so…

My first dollar online (I still remember how I made it, although over 3 years ago now!)

Getting my first commission cheque…

Winning my first Sales Competition…

My first 4 figure month…

My first 4 figure day…

My first 5 figure month…

My first 5 figure day!!

Cracking 6 figures in revenue…

Building a downline of over 2,000 people…

And the list goes on, and I am far from finished.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Simply, because by having someone help you cut through all of the BS and rubbish out there, re-focus you and put you on the right path you can achieve amazing results.

But if you are all over the place, and wasting time on things that aren’t really that important, then you are taking longer to get to the results you want – or worse, you may become disillusioned and quit before you even get there!

I am sick of seeing great people, some who have now become my online friends, struggle and fail because they were never given the support or knowledge to help them succeed by their upline or sponsors. Or worse the advice they were given was self serving and selfish trying to make an extra buck themselves, or from someone that didn’t really have a clue and had never made any money online before but was bumbling along themselves.

So if you are struggling, or just not getting the success that you have been dreaming about fast enough then here is my gift…

I am offering all of my loyal and faithful subscribers a FREE 30 Minute Positioning Call to help get you on track For That Fastest & Best Results Possible!

This call will bring back your focus on what it is you are trying to achieve, and give you a simple road map to get you to your desired income and success levels as quickly as possible.

To take advantage of this simply email me at SWConsultingLtd@gmail.com, letting me know you skype or phone number and timezone, the best times to call you, and what it is you are currently doing and what you are trying to achieve.

I will set up a call and get you on the fast track ASAP.

Now, the smart ones of you will be asking how I can offer this to so many people and be able to do it?

Unfortunately, the answer is very simple. Most people will look at this email and not even bother to read it, then of those that do a number wont have got this far because they believe they can do it better themselves (even thought I will have made tens of thousands online more than they have) and will have stopped reading, and then some will put me on their to do list which is a million miles long and will never actually get to it.

So do yourself a favour, and respond right now! It only takes 3 minutes – just send me your contact details, best time to call and timezone, what you are doing and the desired outcome.

Very simple, and that 3 minute action step may be the most important email you send this year!

So for those of you that are serious about taking it to the next level I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you can almost taste the success.

I will go as far as guaranteeing you will make money online after our call – or your money back!! Sorry, couldn’t resist the joke. But seriously, if you have never successfully sponsored someone, made a sale, or even got a lead I will have you breaking new ground and making money after this call.

So what have you got to lose, it is only going to cost you time and you have been wasting a lot of that all on your own – Fast Track Your Success Now!

For the rest of you, if you have made it this far good luck, you can always share your success story and secrets with me so that I can use it to help others!

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