Every now and then you come across something that just makes sense.
As you will have seen from some of my previous posts, even going back as far as a few years ago, I have serious concerns about the global economy. I am also well enough versed in the financial workings of the economy, combined with enough cynicism to believe (know) that our financial markets are being manipulated by the larger governments and NGO’s.
So a while back I bought gold and silver, and a fair bit if it. Firstly, I believe it is going to go up anyway, and secondly, and more importantly, if the economy does go to ruin it is the best place to have some money stored for value protection and even wealth creation.
So how does this relate to Numis?
Well, for those that haven’t heard of it, Numis deals in numismatic (collectible) coins. These coins have been specifically graded to preserve their value, as opposed to just buying bullion or ungraded coins which are priced more on weight.
Now, I am not saying we should put all of our money in collectible coins, but for the majority of people they are not in the position to go and just buy a stack of gold and silver anyway.
What Numis allows is people to gradually build a solid collection of gold and silver, and even better for most, is a way to either get the tax advantage or an income stream to actually pay for them.
This means they can create an asset base of collectible coins, and even create an extra cash flow to pay other bills, buy bullion, or whatever else they need the money for like kids college, family vacation…
Now, most Network Marketing or MLM companies rely on people buying a monthly autoship and they are left with a cupboard full of lotions and potions that they never use.
With Numis they are left with a draw full valuable coins, hardly a bad situation to be in, and even if they don’t increase in value they have a 100% buy back guarantee! Now I bet you haven’t seen that before…
So if you would like to buy some collectible coins this Christmas Go Here…
Nothing says I love you more than the gift of gold and silver!
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I have my future secured, isn’t it time you did too?
This is not meant to constitute any kind of financial or investment advice and is just the personal views of the author based on experience and personal actions.

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