There are two main areas you need to conquer in this business to be a success, the first is motivation and the second is the skills.

The good news is the skills can be learned, and if you have the motivation you will easily take care of that. I will cover that in my next post.

Motivation, or the “why” you are doing this, is in my opinion the critical factor between success and failure. Nail this and the rest is a piece of cake!

You see, if you are not interested in what you are doing or the outcome, then it is much easier to quit and give up. If you are not truly invested and passionate about your goal then you will subconsciously approach it with a take it or leave it attitude.

And that my friends is the kiss of death!

So to guarantee your success you need to find something you are very passionate about or create some skin in the game.

Human nature generally means we are more motivated to move away from pain than we are to move towards pleasure. What does this mean in simple reality – just that our motivation is greater when we are saving our house from foreclosure, or doing the task to stop the boss from yelling at us, for example, than we are motivated to make some extra money to buy a new stereo or go on a holiday.

Pain, or the avoidance of pain, is generally the stronger motivator. This doesn’t mean moving towards pleasure rewards is not good, it just holds less drive for the average person.

And there are many ways to structure your goals and tasks so that they can be put in a way that mentally motivates us to our fullest.

For example, a company has started up recently that does like a reverse escrow. For those of you that have not heard the term before, an escrow arrangement is where two parties agree on what a certain outcome should be, and then post an item or cash, which depending on how things eventuate goes to one party or the other.

What this company has done that is different to normal is that they become the other party, so for example you may state that you will make your first $1,000 online in the next 60 days (remember our SMART Goals when setting these!). As this is moving towards pleasure if you are motivated by pain you may put $1,000 on escrow, and if you make your first $1,000 in the allotted schedule you get the $1,000 back. Fail, and the company keeps your money!!

This tactic will really shock or force people into action, especially if the stake is big enough, and turns a pleasure goal into one motivated 100% by pain (the loss of the escrow item).

Now I am not suggesting you go and do this, but you could turn it into a fun game with your partner, kids etc, which even adds more incentive to succeed as you have shared your goal with them and made it even more real.

So, you could give your partner $1,000 to hold, and if you don’t achieve your aim they get to spend it how they wish.

The secret is to work out what is your best motivator, and then use that to force you into 100% action. It will help avoid procrastination and help increase your chances of success significantly. And at the end you get a double reward, with the task achieved and the benefits received from that, as well as your original wager back!

So work out what it is that drives you and get started – knowing yourself in this industry can eliminate a lot of wasted time and efforts and improve your productivity and success instantly!


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