I often get asked what was the secret to my success, and what is the fastest way to get there, or if I had to do it all over again how would I do it?

When I started I really would have liked someone to sit down with me and invest a day or two (preferably even a week!!) providing me with the secret formula to success – not only would it have saved me a fortune in time and money but it would also have put me years ahead of everyone else starting at the same time – fast tracking my success. As most people know, if some form of success is not earned in the first 90 days most people will quit or never really apply themselves in the future.

There was so much to learn, some of it important and then some of it you find out much later was not, and the steps and order that you learn things in can also have a huge impact.

The reason I got involved in this industry is that I love the concept of leverage. To be able to work hard once and then have it automated means that I can turn one hour into a hundred. If the quality of that one hour is awesome, then I have struck gold! That then means I can make money while I am sleeping, or my preferred past times of fishing and traveling.

Over time I have learned so much, and I am continually investing more and more in time and money from sources that I know are credible and valuable to increase that knowledge (the best investment you can ever make is in yourself and your knowledge). To help others I created a video series that helps skip through the BS and helps create a fast track to success in the quickest, smartest and easiest path possible.

And to make it even easier I set up an auto responder series that puts it all in order for people – so if you want a copy of it just email me at SWConsultingLtd@gmail.com and I will send you the details.

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