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We all know that this business is very competitive, so any advantage we can get over our fellow marketers is going to be very valuable.

One simple way, that is not only going to give us a major advantage but also is very good for us, is having a healthy mind and healthy body.

I for one know that if I am going out a lot, partying too much, going to bed late and not exercising then I feel drained and have less energy. This then leads to feeling lethargic in the mornings, getting out of bad late and without a lot of motivation and drive.

However when I get a good night sleep, eat a healthy diet, get a lot of exercise, sunshine and fresh air I feel alive and invigorated when I rise in the mornings, wake earlier and have more purpose and drive. My mind is also a lot more alert and functional/productive.

Recently I have got myself into a very good routine of eating very healthy and balanced meals, and just the right amount. I am going to the gym for at least an hour a day or swimming, and I am walking a lot more instead of relying on my car. This not only has the benefit of getting me back towards the healthy weight for my height and age, but it has also helped to transform me mentally into a happy and healthier person.

So when I rise in the morning I am motivated to get on with my tasks and approach them with a very positive attitude because I feel much happier and healthier within myself. Even in some way I am proud of myself for putting in this consistent effort (ok, its only been just over two weeks but you have to start somewhere!), but more than that I can FEEL that it is making a difference, and that motivates me to continue even more.

When you combine this with steps that create a healthy mind, it is a very powerful combination.

I also try and spend some time every day doing a learning activity or a motivational mind session. This may be as simple as reading a chapter of a book on mindset, NLP, or even just Think & Grow Rich (a personal favourite – and I learn or focus on something new every time I read it), but what ever it is it is food for the brain and leaves me in a better mental state than before I started.

If you take the time to work on you it is the best investment you can ever make. You see, if you are in a great position then where you come from in your dealings with others is so much more powerful, and others can sense it.

Have you ever noticed that the majority of truly successful people in this industry all look and appear very healthy, will often tell you what they are reading, have read and all of have large libraries. You see, this is not a coincidence. Success in this industry can in some way be measured by the size of your… library.

They have taken the time to invest in themselves, and they also realise the importance and power of knowledge.

This investment then pays them back tenfold with a great attitude and sharp mind – giving them much greater results in all of the marketing tasks and interaction with people. Even if you don’t realize it, subconsciously we are drawn towards healthy and attractive people and a part of us wants to be like them – which really helps with attraction marketing.

So how big is your … library?

PS – I did a quick video on this topic a while back – check it out for some great tips and also how to build this into your existing daily routine so that it doesn’t even require any extra time or sacrifice on your part – and in no time you will notice the improvement.

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