online business marketIs your business online?

There are lots of businesses that turn to digital marketing to increase their online sales of their stores. With that, lots of online marketers continuously seek for more effective ways to boost web traffic and online visibility.

Below are some great steps to boost your business profile and credibility online:

1. Revamp your Google+ profile

If you are promoting a local business online, chances are you already have a Google+ Local listing (the new version of Google Places). But maybe you don’t.

Though a local venue may not even have a website, having a G+ Local page is a must. That is particularly true now as Google has been displaying search results for local queries well on top of all other results, thus making them even more prominent than paid ads.
2. Encourage people to review your business

The more reviews your business has, the better it is for your business. These reviews from your customers will be basis for your business’ credibility. This is also an upfront image of how great your services and products are.

You can encourage online reviews in various ways. You can simply ask for a review on your site, on your menu, on the check, etc. You could also offer a small freebie (a discount, for example) to a return customer who has written a review.
3. Be listed in online directories

Web directories are great for pulling up your online presence. There are lots of directories which are free to submit. That is why it is encourage for business owners to submit their business profile on those directories. Directory listings are great for two reasons:

  • They increase the chances that people will find your business online by searching in those directories.
  • Links from a few quality directories are likely to develop your site positions in Google’s Web search as well as on Google+.

4. Get listed in online Yellow Pages sites

Be listed on different directory sites like Yellow Pages. This will help your customers to easily find you and your services and products. After all, being in Yellow Pages is a plus point for business because it adds up to your brand’s credibility.
5. Have a social media plan

Social media really has a great impact on businesses nowadays. We know that most people have social media accounts and most of their time is spent browsing social media sites. With that, it is significant if you will include social media as a medium for your business marketing. So have a plan today and be ready to harvest the fruit of success.
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