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For those of you that have not heard of Tweet Adder, it is an automated software system that can run your Twitter accounts on autopilot. I have used it for years and have to say that is has been a fantastic tool to grow my Twitter on autopilot, but see below the bad points that have changed recently.

This review will provide a quick summary of the good and bad points, and also has a short video that explains the new version in more detail.

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The good points:

  • Pro search features, autobuild function, list building
  • Automated  tweets
  • Tweet search by keywords & trends
  • Location search features
  • Automates Blog RRS to Tweets
  • Easy Installation & setup
  • Fully Customisable Options
  • White List – Ensure these profiles are never unfollowed
  • Black List – never follow these profiles
  • Full user Info – Date last tweet, pic and demographics
  • Follow Back Users who have followed you
  • Weed out users with default profile pictures
  • Search by language filters
  • Ignore Users with URL’s in their profile Bio
  • Set Search filters for # of followers/following/tweets
  • Get a list of any profiles’s followers to follow
  • Get a list of profiles to follow from anyones Twitter List
  • Find Twitter Search Trends
  • Full Overview of Multiple Account Statistics
  • Top Notch Support Service
  • Consistent Updates & New Features
  • Option to not Load Twitter Profile Pics for increased speed
  • Use of Multi Thread HTTP Requests for increased speed
  • Uses Twitter Oauth and API
  • Full Activity Log to view all steps performed by the program
  • Full ability to visit resulting profiles for further inspection
  • Import/Export ability of profile lists, tweets, and direct messages
  • Free Trial
  • Free Customer Support and User Forums

Now for the bad points…

  • Now Tweet Adder has moved from a one time payment to a monthly fee, which obviously increases the cost.
  • Automated software is not appreciated by Twitter, so there is always the potential risk of having your account suspended, or worse, banned.
  • I would like to add more, but it is one of the best products and achieves great results.

All in all, still well worth the investment.

To have a look at TweetAdder, check it out HERE.


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