Jamaica Insider Guide

One of the great advantages I have living in the Cayman Islands is that I am used to the daily lifestyle of coconut trees, beautiful sandy beaches and sunshine.

And just around the corner from here is a really cool island called Jamaica, the home of Bob Marley and jerk chicken!

Now, unfortunately a few years ago the actions of a few wild criminals lead to Jamaica getting a very bad reputation internationally, and tourism slowed to a crawl.

The sad news is that lead to the livelihood of many innocent and wonderful people being ruined because of no fault of their own.

Anyway, I for one love Jamaica mon, it’s cool *said in a very cool accent*.

And if you are thinking about holidaying there then you really must read this Insider Guide to have the best time possible.

So what could be better than a holiday in paradise with all the facts and info you need to have the time of your life?

Oh, that’s right, having a cocktail with a little umbrella in your hand while you are lying back on the beach!

So check this out for all the secrets on a vacation you will never forget, and your friends and family will be jealous of forever!

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