Happy Memorial Day everyone!

For the United States it is the Memorial Day long Weekend. And that is a pretty special event for them. They celebrate all of the fallen service men and women that have given their lives for upholding and maintaining the American dream. And it is not just for Americans, I genuinely believe the American belief is that they are creating a better world for everyone. (Now I know everyone doesn’t agree, and they don’t always get it right, but generally their heart is in the right place – even more so in the last few years).

Now, me being Australian, it does not have the same personal meaning but the significance is there. For us Aussies it is ANZAC day, and every country has their own significant day, but the simple reality is it should be a shared recognition of the ultimate sacrifice given by people in their respective countries for what they believe in.

You see, it doesn’t matter where in the world we come from, what religion or personal beliefs we hold, we all have some very huge things to be thankful for. One of those is that people are willing to lay down their lives to protect the freedoms and lifestyles that we would all like to continue and maintain wherever we are.

The funny thing is, many of us say this industry is too hard, or that they can’t make it, or it is not worth it, but it is special days like this that put those comments into perspective. The reality is what we do is nothing compared to what others do for us – selflessly and without any expectation of personal reward for the magnitude for the sacrifices that they make.

Or to put it a better way, the obstacles we face are a joke compared to what these people are encountered with daily and ultimately lead to their demise. And spare a thought for the survivors too, what they see and have to live with must in some cases be the most horrific and scarring stories, yet they go back and repeat it day after day to complete their tasks.

To them, quitting is not an option.

So guess what…

The next time you think that this business is tough, that is all too overwhelming, that its too hard and you are going to quit, spare a thought for the people around the world that are making amazing sacrifices to give you a better life.

Basically, toughen the F*CK Up and get with your own personal program.

If you can’t even do it for yourself then why should others make sacrifices for you…

Turn this into power, drive and passion – and be successful!

So to all the fallen US military personal, my thanks and appreciation. I was at Arlington in July, and it does create quite an emotional feeling – just know that your sacrifices are not taken for granted!

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