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Tweet Adder 4.0 Review – Free Automated Tool Or Banned By Twitter?

For those of you that have not heard of Tweet Adder, it is an automated software system that can run your Twitter accounts on autopilot. I have used it for years and have to say that is has been a fantastic tool to grow my Twitter on autopilot, but see below the bad points that […]

New Phoenix iMarket Success Team’s Dual Sales Funnel System – Free Test Drive!

Discover the successful network marketing sales funnel! Greetings! Imagine the meeting of a very successful affiliate sales funnel crossed with a successful network marketing sales funnel, where you can build an instant cash flow then followed up by a long term accelerating residual income… Meet the new Phoenix iMarket Success Team Dual Funnel System. This is […]

Why I Joined Numis Network …

Every now and then you come across something that just makes sense.   As you will have seen from some of my previous posts, even going back as far as a few years ago, I have serious concerns about the global economy. I am also well enough versed in the financial workings of the economy, […]

Why I Believe It Is Gold & Silvers Time To Shine…

Gold & Silver Future Planning

Many of you have got to know me a bit over the last few years, and know I used to work in the #1 law firm in the world, and then the top European investment bank. It was this role that initially took me to the Cayman Islands. In my role there I headed up […] Is Here – Free Membership For My Readers! Is Here – Free Membership For My Readers!

        Ever since I entered this industry I have been lucky enough to be surrounded  by some truly amazing people who have been providing some great training. People like Aaron Parkinson, Aaron Rashkin, Andrew Cass, TJ Erway, Ray & Ferny, Mark Hoverson, Ray Higdon to name a few. And one of the […]

Wow, Back To Reality & 7 Tips To Create The Platform For Guaranteed Success

As many of you know I have been traveling the last few months and having a total break from work, no blogging, no emails, no marketing, and really having a great break. I must admit though, while the break was great, not being consistent in my business has definitely had an impact, but more about […]

Wow, ASS A Year On, And You Get The Present…

Wow, ASS A Year On, And You Get The Present…

Wow, did you know it is just over a year ago that I decided on the concecpt of my coaching arm and officially became an ASS. I thought it was kind of funny – but what it stood for was no joke – an Acceleration Strategy Specialist! You see, when I first got involved in […]

Jamaica? No, She Did It Of Her Own Accord… Holiday In A Tropical Paradise!

One of the great advantages I have living in the Cayman Islands is that I am used to the daily lifestyle of coconut trees, beautiful sandy beaches and sunshine. And just around the corner from here is a really cool island called Jamaica, the home of Bob Marley and jerk chicken! Now, unfortunately a few […]

Imagine Having Your Own Website Like Which Really Means – “Your Own Internet ATM Cash Machine”!

Can you imagine how great it would be to have your own or site? I mean, they are a license to print money aren’t they? Over $8 trillion a year gets spent on travel, and that is a growing number each year. And amazingly, most of it is spent on line. I even […]

The Customer Is Always Right…

The other night I was out in Bangkok and came across a mobile chicken rice stand. It was about 2am, and to say that it was quiet is an understatement. I ordered, and then as she was about to serve it I said that I just wanted the chicken and sauce, that I did not […]