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Simon Wetherell – Who Is This Marketer?

Have you heard of Simon Wetherell? Have you heard who am I? In this video, you will know who I really am and what my life was before I enter the world of online marketing.

New Phoenix iMarket Success Team’s Dual Sales Funnel System – Free Test Drive!

Discover the successful network marketing sales funnel! Greetings! Imagine the meeting of a very successful affiliate sales funnel crossed with a successful network marketing sales funnel, where you can build an instant cash flow then followed up by a long term accelerating residual income… Meet the new Phoenix iMarket Success Team Dual Funnel System. This is […]

I Am Beating David Woods & Russell Brunson – Success!

It is a Success! I hope you are getting 2013 off to a fantastic start… I know I am! In our industry there are certain names that when they are mentioned people immediately think of success. People such as Andrew Cass, Tim Erway, Ray & Ferny etc. Well, two of the big guns are in […]

Why I Joined Numis Network …

Every now and then you come across something that just makes sense.   As you will have seen from some of my previous posts, even going back as far as a few years ago, I have serious concerns about the global economy. I am also well enough versed in the financial workings of the economy, […]

Why I Believe It Is Gold & Silvers Time To Shine…

Gold & Silver Future Planning

Many of you have got to know me a bit over the last few years, and know I used to work in the #1 law firm in the world, and then the top European investment bank. It was this role that initially took me to the Cayman Islands. In my role there I headed up […] Is Here – Free Membership For My Readers! Is Here – Free Membership For My Readers!

        Ever since I entered this industry I have been lucky enough to be surrounded  by some truly amazing people who have been providing some great training. People like Aaron Parkinson, Aaron Rashkin, Andrew Cass, TJ Erway, Ray & Ferny, Mark Hoverson, Ray Higdon to name a few. And one of the […]

Wow, Back To Reality & 7 Tips To Create The Platform For Guaranteed Success

As many of you know I have been traveling the last few months and having a total break from work, no blogging, no emails, no marketing, and really having a great break. I must admit though, while the break was great, not being consistent in my business has definitely had an impact, but more about […]

Wow, ASS A Year On, And You Get The Present…

Wow, ASS A Year On, And You Get The Present…

Wow, did you know it is just over a year ago that I decided on the concecpt of my coaching arm and officially became an ASS. I thought it was kind of funny – but what it stood for was no joke – an Acceleration Strategy Specialist! You see, when I first got involved in […]

How To Get The Fast Track To Success By Being Smart & Planning.

I often get asked what was the secret to my success, and what is the fastest way to get there, or if I had to do it all over again how would I do it? When I started I really would have liked someone to sit down with me and invest a day or two […]

Consistency Is King…

From my previous posts you can see that one of the biggest killers in the internet marketing industry is procrastination. it is kind of obvious that without action one can never have success. But one form the ugly procrastination monster does take is causing inconsistent actions. You see, a major key to being successful in […]