ASS – Personal Coaching

BREAKING NEWS: I am offering a couple of LIVE COACHING WEEKS – held here in Phuket, Thailand for one on one tutoring. We have just completed one of these and everything you need to get a 100% actionable plan for a $100K year will be provided to you before you leave, including making some money online before you go!

Only available for a limited time – For the crazy price of $5,000. You will get over 35 hours of one on one personal tuition and training, and leave with completed capture pages, autoresponders, detailed daily routine plans and everything needed to create your own Six Figure Business. We can even guarantee you will earn money while you are here! I will share the secret that has provided me with 5 figure days and more to guarantee you can be successful in your home online business.


Recently I have had more and more people approach me about One on One Coaching sessions…

I have thought about this long and hard, as one of the main reason’s I love this business is the benefit of leverage – and One on One coaching does not take advantage of that and means I can help less people.

However, given the heartfelt pleas from people who have wanted to share the success I have agreed to become an ASS – Accelerator Strategy Specialist!

There are a million life coaches and mentors out there, so I wanted to be different. I know that everyone has the ability to be successful in this industry – as long as they have the key elements of passion, desire, ability to follow directions and a never say die approach. So for the extra committed and passionate person I want to be a part of creating your path to success.

So I have agreed to open up 10 spaces only at any one time for private one on one coaching in addition to the team coaching calls I already do. The package is a minimum of 4 hours a month at hugely discounted $50 an hour. I will work with you to review your approach and implement a personal strategy that will take you to being a top earner – the only thing that will stop your from achieving this is you.

Now if you think that is a lot of money your are right – but you will get your money’s worth! Not only will I do your weekly call for an hour, but I will also be reviewing your set-up, following your progress and preparing your business plan outside of that hour to make sure you get results fast.

Here are some of the comments I have received from people I have coached to success so far…

“Simon is someone who cares about people other than himself. He is always available to assist you in working towards goals. It is reassuring to know of Simon’s success, and also his knowledge and Law background.” Bryce Rae, NZ

“Simon really cares about me as a person and not just a number – and helped me to my first $12,000 day” Phakamani, South Africa

“Superb consulting and advice! I was extremely impressed with Simon’s innovative solutions to help me grow my online training business. EXCELLENT and Highly Recommended!!! Thanks so much!” Caitlin

“Simon is super knowledgeable, professional, and gives concrete action steps, not hot air/theory. He has a real desire to help others succeed. THNXS!”

“I’ve know Simon for about 2 years now and have to say he has been more supportive than I could have imagined. I’ve tried a number of “business opportunities” in the past and once signed up, never seem to hear from my sponsor again until they try to sign me up for the ‘next big thing’. I’m sure I would have given up on the idea of ever making any real money had it not been for Simon’s continued help and sometimes hard to take, but never the less truthful advice.” David Sammons, UK

“Awesome, awesome, awesomeness! Did I say Awesome? You will learn more than you can imagine. He would make the best mentor ever! Great info, very knowledgeable and provides you with all you need to learn and more!!! Get him before he’s no longer available!” Princessa

“Thank you so much, Simon! A genuinely valuable session – I managed to fill 4 pages of notes as you were talking to me! You are obviously well qualified and knowledgeable and delivered far, far more than was promised – I am extremely impressed and very happy to consult you again in the future.” Ruth

So if you are serious in building a 6 figure income see if I have any spaces left in the ASS Academy! I have already spent well in excess of $80,000 on my own education – not even including my MBA in New Venture Business which would be $100,000 on it’s own. I know the value of investing in your self – it is the wisest money you will ever spend if you take YOU seriously.

So email me at to get your accelerated success starting today!

Simon’s coaching is a one-on-one, collaborative process.

All coaching sessions, whether in person or on the telephone, are allowed to be recorded to provide a useful resource to return to.

This allows you to review Simon’s comments and recommendations, along with whatever new ideas you generate during the session.

Simon’s basic fee is $150 per hour, but he offers several discounted packages. And once you have purchased most packages, you will continue at that discounted rate no matter how long, or on how many projects, you work together.

The package descriptions should give you a good sense of what you can accomplish in the amount of time purchased. But keep in mind that all Simon’s coaching is individual. He will design your program and schedule in whatever way will help you develop your required results most quickly and effectively.

For further information on what packages and bonus deals are available at the moment email Simon at